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Traditional Breast Binders

Comfort and compression- a doctor and patients dream! Our popular binders reduce post-surgical swelling, bruising, hematoma formation and scarring, all this without adding unnecessary pressure or force.
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Italian Lace Breast Binders

Add some style to life! Just because you had surgery does not mean you can’t have fashion. Our Lace Breast Binders provide all the beneficial features of our traditional Breast Binders using imported Italian lace.
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Reinforced / Contouring Abdominal Binders

Abdominal surgery calls for good, quality post surgical compression, and our Binders more than meet those needs! Our exclusive bifurcated closure system allows for comfort that is both unparalleled and surgeon-recommended.
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EaB Abdominal Binder

These compression garments minimize swelling provide support to the surgical area, encouraging earlier movement and faster recovery. Our unisex product line ranges from mild to rigid compression.
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Unisex Chest Binders

This adjustable garment provides compression and support that is ideal following any chest surgery where continuous compression is needed. This garment is often times worn underneath clothing since it is so comfortable.
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Chin Binders

Compression remains key. Our chin binder provides support and compression to the face, neck and chin following otoplasty, facelift or chin liposuction. Edges are soft and do not irritate skin.
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Compression Bras

Our double compression technology is used to create one of the most comfortable, supportive bras out there. Soft, latex-free, elastic and sheered material conforms to the breast without binding or irritating sensitive tissue.
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Let’s face it- pregnancy and nursing can be rough on the breasts (and back). Scientific research has demonstrated the benefits of correctly fitted garments to aid in this life cycle period. Browse our growing line of comfort products.
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JP Drain Pouches

Oh so much better (and safer) than pins or lanyard! Our popular Jackson-Pratt pouches can hold two drains, are adjustable, open easily, can be worn over or under clothing, and even come with a shower bag.
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That’s a wrap

Love our patented double compression patented material? Our multipurpose bandage wrap is perfect for sprains, contusions, carpal tunnel, IV removal sites, wounds, and more. Think of them as a substantial upgrade from traditional elastic or cotton rolls.
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Breast Bands

Keep them in place! Many surgeons recommend the use of a breast band following breast surgeries, especially after Breast Augmentations when implants need extra support. Our 3" wide bands are adjustable, comfortable, and fashionable. They fit perfectly with our Breast Binders.
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Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Click here to find products that complement our EaB line, and some other innovative ways to have compression work towards your advantage and improve healing. Hot/cold therapies, hosiery, straps...
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All our products are latex-free!